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Biology's Relevance to Career Opportunities and Health care

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

Biology is the study of life. "Biology" and "logos" are Greek words that denote "life" and "logic," respectively (meaning "study"). Biologists study the structure, function, growth, origin, evolution, and distribution of all living organisms. Biological science covers a wide range of topics, including cell molecular mechanics, creature taxonomy and behavior, species evolution, and ecological relationships.

Highlighting the importance of healthcare workers is essential seeing as we offer phlebotomy, EKG Technician, certified nurse aide, certified home health aide, and CPR/BLS here at K&G Career Academy.

Benefits of Majoring in Biology

If you are interested in or currently pursuing a college degree, biology is a versatile major that can stand on its own or help you advance to a Master's program. Many specialties exist within the area of biology and having a graduate degree can expand your options even further. Although salary varies based on experience, country, and job title you are rewarded with job stability, and experts in the field are paid very well. Such opportunities to use your knowledge on your own terms exist with an increasing number of bio-entrepreneurs, from opening a medicine store to creating a company or organization such as ours!

A phlebotomist is in charge of doing various blood work tasks, such as extracting patient blood for testing and storing blood donations. A good academic foundation is required, as well as a variety of personality attributes that enable workers in this industry to flourish under pressure.

A profession in phlebotomy might pay substantially above the minimum wage with minimal investment and some time. Healthcare workers are always in demand, so phlebotomy is a fantastic career choice that won't take you years to accomplish. We have found that this program is amongst the most popular with many students that we have had. Our phlebotomy program will provide you with all of the essential knowledge and training in a short length of time, allowing you to get immediately to work or take the necessary certification and licensing exams.

Our certificate program will prepare you to work as an entry-level nursing assistant or nurse aide. Much may be said about today's workforce, with its uncertainty about finding work in the field. Most people recognize the courage and compassion of medical staff during any medical emergency. However, they are deserving of our gratitude and assistance in difficult circumstances. The demand for nurses, doctors, and other healthcare personnel spiked during the Covid-19 outbreak.

For inpatient care, diagnostic tests, and technical treatments, nursing assistants/nurse aids assist doctors and nurses. Nursing assistants are critical to the success of medical teams since they work closely with patients' everyday needs and activities.

A Home Health Aide, or HHA, is a certified health care provider that works in private homes and residential facilities to assist patients with daily activities. Individuals with a physical or mental disability, sickness, or who are recovering from an injury or surgery are common examples. This program is only a few weeks with flexible options! We fulfill all the state board certification standards, and, like the other programs, job prospects are we strive to provide following completion of the course.

CPR/BLS is Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Basic Life Support. Both of these courses are entirely online and certification is given upon completion. Basic life support courses are usually more in-depth and sophisticated, and they are built on working in teams with other medical professionals, whereas CPR training teaches you the fundamentals of doing CPR on a family member or coworker as a solo rescuer. Basic life support (BLS) is a higher degree of medical care that is often provided by public safety personnel, first responders, paramedics, healthcare providers, and skilled bystanders.

Medical coding and billing schools provide a number of benefits if you're seeking a high-paying job with an educational component and flexible stable schedules. Our medical billing and coding course will teach you how to "identify diagnoses, medical tests, treatments, and procedures described in clinical documentation" and how to transform that information into codes so that you can bill the government and commercial payers for physician payment.

Is it right for you?

Of course, it’s right for you! Biology welcomes all willing to learn and study. It isn’t a walk in the park. There will always be ups and downs due to the excessive studying regimen and heavy workload plus limited personal time. At K&G career academy we prioritize the needs of our students and any resources that they might inquire for further career advancement. Although competition within this field is high and never-ending, don't give up! You will be tested, figuratively and literally, but don’t let that intimidate you!

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