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Online Phlebotomy Technician Training

A phlebotomist is the blood type of being positive.

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Online Phlebotomy Technician Class


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Online Phlebotomy Technician Classes

3-Week Course

This is a 3-week 80 hour course that consists of 60-hour online theory and 20-hour in-class clinical.

Employment Available

Job placement assistance and internship opportunities are included after completion of the course.


This is a hybrid class that has a blended learning style  with online theory and in-class clinical.

Course Description and Details

Prepare for the next step in your career with K&G Career Academy. Our comprehensive Online Phlebotomy Technician training program is specifically crafted to equip students with the skills needed for safely drawing blood, as well as proper labeling and maintenance of specimens.

The program spans three weeks, totaling 80 hours of training, by the State of New Jersey's requirements. It comprises a combination of online theory sessions and clinical hours. During the clinical hours, students will receive hands-on guidance from an approved instructor certified by the New Jersey Board of Education to ensure proficiency in blood drawing techniques.


  1. Successful completion of a Phlebotomy Technician training course approved by the Department of Education and Workforce Development in New Jersey.

  2. Completion of a competency evaluation involving 40 live sticks.

  3. Minimum age of 18 years.

  4. The option to take the National Certification exam is available.

  5. Out-of-state students are welcome to enroll in the program.

Benefits of Enrolling with K&G Career Academy:


  1. Nationally recognized certifications

  2. Full Cycle Support from Enrollment to Career

  3. Budget-friendly. Payment Plans are available.

  4. Open enrollment. Start any time.

  5. Mobile-Friendly Courses: Access our courses seamlessly on mobile devices.

  6. Flexible 100% online and hybrid programs.

  7. Out-of-state students are welcome. [We assist in searching for clinical site locations for you.]

  8. Expanding Network of Companies and Partnerships.

  9. Reliable. Trusted Results.

  10. Lifetime Access to Career Services.

  11. Expanding Community and Network.


K&G Career Academy Experience:


Step 1: Connect with a reliable support system. Our admissions representative to choose the ideal program for your career goals or register directly online to start


Step 2: Pick a payment plan that works for you and start your program


Step 3: Submit your registration requirements for approval and select a date to start


Step 4: Begin taking your career and life-changing course with professionals in the field


Step 5: Engage with a career counselor to assist with job placement


Step 6: Start working in a growing field with 0 debt to your name.




The duration of the training program is 3 weeks. Morning and Evening sessions are available for clinical dates.


Employment Statistics:


According to the State of New Jersey Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for a Certified Phlebotomy Technician ranges from $31,000 - $50,740.

Hands-On Training Class Available:


A hands-on training class is available for this course.  You can view the information for the Phlebotomy Technician class here.

Complete Guide: 

If you are searching for a complete guide on phlebotomy technicians, please check out our course guide section.

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