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K&G Career Academy provides a safe, interactive, and clean environment.  Our team is focused on ensuring precautions are taken that will efficiently educate our students. Our mission is centered on career advancement opportunities that are support-driven, compassionate, convenient, and available at an affordable price.  The reason for our determination is because we witnessed firsthand how desperate surrounding communities were in need of a career hub where people from all walks of life could come to learn and be encouraged to pursue their dreams.  In turn, our goal is to create a network for employers and community leaders to hire skilled workers who are eager to make an impact. K&G Career Academy is an establishment that dedicates itself to creating a space where success, support, motivation, and betterment are inclusive. 


School History

K&G Career Academy is proud to announce our arrival to New Jersey and Online Education.


We are excited to provide educational services to help those who seek or are seeking an opportunity to change or establish a career within the medical field.


During the past two years, we all have suffered and continue to suffer the aftermath of COVID 19 which caused a gap and shortage within the medical field.


After the founding of K & G Career Academy, we realized our community is suffering and desperately needed help.


This change starts with you and with our help we can make a difference. We are equipped to provide state-approved training and will guide you every step of the way. 

At K & G Career Academy our mission is to provide you with an outstanding education.


Our focus is not only your education but the job placements/high-paying careers within the medical field that come with it.


While receiving your education, you will be going through interactive training which will then result in a certificate of completion showing your accomplishment and your credentials.


We will provide a national certification in the event you would like to become nationally certificated.


At K&G Career Academy you will receive assistance with resume building, job readiness, and job placement assistant.


Our goal is to ensure you master your current skills and your newly learned skills to ensure mobility and growth within the field. 


  • English

  • Spanish

  • Creole/French

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