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Health Care Jobs Are Booming

It's true. The health care sector continues to be the largest industry in creating jobs and opportunities. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the total number of open positions climbed (+437,000) to 10.7 million on the last business day of September 2022.

The overall percentage of vacant positions was 6.5%. Health care and social support had 2.1 million job opportunities, or a 9.2 percent job openings rate. There were 1.9 million job vacancies in professional and business services (7.9% job opening rate), compared to 1.4 million in lodging and food services (9.5 percent).

You probably have a few questions about the stability of the health care job market. In this article, we'll cover the most common questions we come encounter.

Let's begin!

Why Is There An Increase in Jobs?

There are a number of reasons why there is an increase in health care jobs. With good compensation and employment stability, the health care sector is booming and will stay that way for the foreseeable future. There are various causes for the increase in health care jobs. There are numerous job options available for those who want to work in the healthcare industry. There are two factors at play in the rising number of field workers.

Aging Population

The number of elderly Americans who need health care services has skyrocketed since the baby boomer generation began retiring at 65 many years ago. Additionally, life expectancies have increased dramatically. According to Everyday Health, by 2050, women will live to 86 and men to 80. There is a greater need for healthcare workers overall as a result of the rise in senior individuals with longer lifespans. Replacements are also required as current healthcare workers retire. Opportunities for employment in the healthcare industry will increase, including those for nursing homes for the elderly and doctors, pharmacists, rehabilitation services, and other professionals.

Access to Health Insurance

Millions of people have been able to sign up for health insurance plans thanks to the Affordable Care Act. In several states, Medicaid has also been expanded, making coverage available to those who were previously uninsured. Pre-existing conditions no longer constitute grounds for denial of insurance coverage for an individual. With this growth, many people who were previously uninsured

Will Health Care Continue to Boom?

The health care market is known as a recession-free market. This is because access to health care is important to most people.

Seven of the top 20 fastest-growing industries in the country from 2020 to 2030, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, are in the social assistance and health care fields. These industry segments include hospitals, nursing and residential care facilities, outpatient care facilities, offices of other health practitioners, individual and family services, home health care services, and physician practices.

What Jobs Are Available

Whether you want to be a top doctor or start by helping elderly care for themselves in their home, health care has plenty of options.

The health care sector is undergoing tremendous change. The sector is constantly at the forefront of new research, technology, and quick invention. The industry is changing as a result of technology and customer demand. Numerous new technology will continue to be used in the healthcare industry, such as extended electronic records, robotic procedures, and mind-controlled prosthetics.

For those of you interested in transitioning to the health care sector, here are some options you can consider.

How Can I Make The Change?

It's simple to decide to shift careers. It can be more challenging to actually make the profession shift successfully. Researching different health jobs thoroughly is one way to get your career move off on the right foot. Make sure you are knowledgeable about the following aspects of the career you intend to transition to:

  • Prerequisites for education, degrees, skills, and training

  • Average income

  • Projections of job growth

You should research the most in-demand health professions. Clinical positions of almost every kind and healthcare IT are two areas of rapid growth within the healthcare industry. In addition, you'll have to assess your current skills and experience. If you talk with one of our admissions, they can guide you in the right direction. Unlike other fields, health care offers a wide range of options.

We usually recommend our students to go into fields such as certified home health aide or certified nurse aide because these require minimal training and experience. Furthermore, you'll have a chance to get your feet wet.

Final Thoughts

Are you considering switching to health care? It's a smart choice.

Health care is a growing field. It won't stop any time soon. While some fields are transitioning towards AI solutions, health care continues to rely on human connection. Once you dive into health care, you'll have job opportunities waiting for you. K&G Career Academy offers a job network with partners who need work-ready employees.

You'll need to demonstrate to the interviewer and possible employer that you are familiar with the healthcare business despite the fact that you may have little to no expertise in the subject.

As was already noted, networking and research can help with this, but you also need to keep up with business trends on your own. The good news is that you may keep up with business news by visiting a variety of healthcare websites and magazines.

Additionally, you must be able to convince the interviewer that your unrelated experience will be a good fit in the healthcare sector. Of course, how you go about doing this will depend on your background and the specifics of the job. Once more, your networking contacts or mentor can be of assistance to you here.

Nevertheless, it's not a difficult transition. It's a safe option for college students who aren't sure what they want to do or for someone who is already in a field.

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