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Online Certified Home Health Aide Training

A certified home health aide can make the difference one patient at a time because they are the heart of healthcare.

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Online Certified Home Health Aide Classes in New Jersey

3-Week Course

This is a 3-week 76 hour course split into online and clinical.

Employment Available

Employment opportunities are available after completion of the course with our growing partnership program.


This is a hybrid class that has a blended learning style  with online theory and in-class clinical.

Course Description and Details

If you want to work directly with patients in the medical sector but don't have the time or money to study as a nurse, one alternative is to become a licensed home health aide. Many seniors choose to stay in their homes rather than in a nursing facility, and home health aide services allow them, or anybody else with chronic diseases or disabilities, to remain secure and healthy in a comfortable, familiar environment.

Certified home health aides assist with basic chores such as bathing, dressing, basic hygiene, and transfers. You may also be requested to assist with minor housekeeping and errands. In certain places, you can also assist a healthcare practitioner in administering medication and taking vital signs.

There are no substantial curricular changes between in-classroom training and online programs. In both cases, a 76-hour training regimen and an assessment after the course are necessary. The key distinction is how the courses are taken. Classroom training necessitates a student remaining in the classroom for the whole of the 76 hours under the supervision of an instructor, whereas online programs are independent of the classroom. After completing the online section of the 60-hour course, students must spend 16 hours in the classroom.




To work as a certified Home Health Aide in NJ, you must meet the following:

  • Complete a homemaker-home health aide training course that is approved by the Board of Nursing in NJ

  • Complete a competency evaluation by an NJ-licensed home healthcare agency

  • Be at least 18 years of age

  • Possess a valid and current NJ Board of Nursing certification as a Homemaker-Home Health Aide

  • Employed by a home health care service

  • Must be supervised by a professional registered nurse 

  • Keep in mind NJ HHA certifications expire every two years and therefore must be renewed. Once certified as an HHA, you will be listed in the online directory of Certified Homemaker-Home Health Aides. This directory is made available to the general public to perform a license check.

Benefits of Enrolling with K&G Career Academy:


  1. Nationally recognized certifications

  2. Full Cycle Support from Enrollment to Career

  3. Budget-friendly. Payment Plans are available.

  4. Open enrollment. Start any time.

  5. Mobile-Friendly Courses: Access our courses seamlessly on mobile devices.

  6. Flexible 100% online and hybrid programs.

  7. Out-of-state students are welcome. [We assist in searching for clinical site locations for you.]

  8. Expanding Network of Companies and Partnerships.

  9. Reliable. Trusted Results.

  10. Lifetime Access to Career Services.

  11. Expanding Community and Network.


K&G Career Academy Experience:


Step 1: Connect with a reliable support system. Our admissions representative to choose the ideal program for your career goals or register directly online to start


Step 2: Pick a payment plan that works for you and start your program


Step 3: Submit your registration requirements for approval and select a date to start


Step 4: Begin taking your career and life-changing course with professionals in the field


Step 5: Engage with a career counselor to assist with job placement


Step 6: Start working in a growing field with 0 debt to your name.


Course Duration:


K&G Career Academy, New Jersey State is an approved Online CHHA training program. A CHHA training program will consist of at least 76 hours of training. The program will include 60 hours of online classroom instruction and 16 hours of clinical instruction in a skills laboratory and patient care setting.


Training is 3 weeks long.  This course is available online.  Clinical testing will be available for morning or evening sessions. 


Employment Statistics: 


According to the State of New Jersey Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for a Certified Home Health Aide ranges from $28,000 - $35,000.

Complete Guide: 

If you are searching for a complete guide on certified home health aides, please check out our course guide section.

Note: As mandated by the state of New Jersey, this class is 60 hours online and 16 hours in-person. Students must complete their last 16 hours at our clinical site. 

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