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Where Can You Find an Affordable Certified Nurse Aide Course?

The K & G Career Academy offers a Certified Nurse Aide course at an affordable price to meet the needs of individuals in a variety of situations.

It is virtually free to take a Certified Nurse Aide course in New Jersey. Your investment in the course which will be recouped within a year. Loan term care facility is required by the state to reimburse the money you paid for your course. In the medical field, certified nurse assistants hold one of the most important positions.

CNAs are responsible for providing proper care to their patients, collecting medical supplies, bathing and grooming patients, feeding patients, answering patient calls, and monitoring their vital signs.


New Jersey requires all Certified Nurse Assistants to complete a 90-hour in-person training program. The Certified Nurse Assistant program consists of fifty hours of in-person training, which will include theory and skill development, as well as forty hours of clinical studies in a long-term care facility.

As a certified nurse aide you will be learning basic care skills for those who cant help themselves.

To ensure that you have completed a Certified Nurse Assistant training course, New Jersey's Department of Health must approve it. The NJ Department of Health will require the completion of a competency evaluation.

It is essential that you are supervised by a professional registered nurse. The payment plan is flexible and the applicant must be at least eighteen years of age.

Course Duration

The training program lasts for four to five weeks, with morning and evening sessions available. The average salary for a Certified Nurse Assistant is $31,000 to $50,000 per year.

Having the chance to take small courses is beneficial for those who have a busy life. You won't have to spend years on end in college traveling more than once a week to get to your campus while also breaking your bank account.

Being able to take a course for only a few weeks you won't have to adjust and change your day to day life for the next year or so, it's only temporary not permanent. Taking a short course can help you with your future when it comes to employment. You can get help with employment and even resume building.

Best part is knowing you wont be years in debt. You can make a payment plan with K & G Career Academy and they will be adjustable with you.

Highschool students the age of 17 and up are able to take the course and will receive their certificate once they turn 18.

Course Information

Courses at K & G Career Academy are only offered in person.

$900.00 is the tuition fee. At other facilities they are charging $1,300 - $2,000 because some look at it as a way of just income instead of taking the extra step to care for the ones that walk through your office doors.

The course consists of classroom training and clinical training at a long-term care facility. It is flexible as to what time you can attend, whether the Morning session is more convenient for you to attend between 10:00am and 1:45pm.

The evening time slot from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. would be most convenient for you if you need your morning free.

When you come in for the skill test, there is an additional fee of 76 dollars for your license fee. In exchange for an additional $100, the staff at K & G will assist you with the creation of a resume that will assist you in finding employment.

Unfortunately there are no online courses available for nursing assistants due to the rules of the department of health but that makes it even better for you to come in and learn hands on!

Final Thoughts

It is an inexpensive course that has an open window for sessions that are convenient for those with children and families. For those taking the course as a parent, you are showing your children that taking this course can benefit them as well when they are ordered. You won't be spending day after day for hours away from home for a long period of time.

Also you won't be causing you and your family to be deep in debt when the money you're saving can be used for yourself or family. At K & G Career Academy, Certified Nurse Aide courses are flexible, affordable, and easy to understand.


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