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How to Earn $100,000 as a Medical Professional

Your dream is to make six figures, but you’re not sure where to start. And you’re not alone!

Many U.S households and people genuinely want to earn more money. However, they’re not sure where to start.

Maybe you’re not interested in learning new skills in sales or technology. Whether you're just starting out or already in the medical field, you’ll find that the healthcare field is a smart option to earn more money long-term.

Medical Professionals can make a good living. You may be thinking about making the switch and aren’t quite sure where to start. Don’t worry we got you covered.

We wanted to offer you a way to earn a six-figure salary through educational advancement and at a low-cost too. The goal is to improve your skills while keeping you debt-free.

Start Working as a Home Health Aide or Nurse Assistant

This is where you can start.

As someone transitioning into the medical field, home health aides and nursing assistants don’t necessarily make six figures. They make a pretty good salary. However, they offer an introduction to the medical field and a starting point.

The benefits of jumping into home health aide and nursing assistant are astronomical and low-risk. They’re low risk because you don’t spend a ton of money. You won’t break the bank.

Starting with these first, will ease you into the field while providing a safety net just in case you don’t like the medical field. Plus, you’re not necessarily becoming a home health aide or nurse aide for the money.

It’s the benefits that make a difference. Being a home health aide and nurse assistant, you can apply to the hospitals, nursing facilities, and other medical facilities that offer excellent benefits. Many of them will pay for your tuition or career advancement opportunities.

Things to remember about nursing assistant and home health aide courses:

  • Low risk because they’re are many jobs

  • Education cost is affordable

  • Tuition Assistance

  • Excellent Benefits

  • Prerequisite into Nursing

Have Your School Paid for by a Hospital or a Nursing Facility

Nursing facilities and hospitals will up to 50 to 100% of your tuition toward a career. When you decide to move further, nursing is usually the best option. This is because home health aide and nursing assistants are a prerequisite.

Not only do you meet the requirement, but now you can pursue a career where you’ll be able to increase your skills and improve your annual salary too.

Continue our Education as a Nurse or Nurse Practitioner

Ask any registered nurse the number one reason they pursued a career in nursing, and you’ll probably hear the same answer. They liked helping people. What makes nursing an attractive career option is that you can earn a very good salary.

According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary among all nurses is around $75,000 per year which works out to more than $36 an hour. Now, this doesn’t mean every nurse will make this salary, but it does give you a good overview of what you can make if you do take this route.

After finishing your degree, the next step is finding a field where you can make $100,000 per year. There are definitely some options out there that you might not have expected.

Become a Director of Nursing

You probably haven’t heard of a Director of Nursing. They typically work in home care agencies or nursing facilities. A director of nursing may lead you to a health care system’s nursing department.

Nursing as a profession involves attending patients.

Nevertheless, if you’re more into management and prefer to run your own business, this may be an option.

Directors of Nurses are registered nurses who lead the administrative work of an organization in the health sector.

Day-to-day responsibilities may look like:

  • Direct all administrative work in the nursing department, including formulating and implementing new policies and procedures

  • Ensuring full compliance of their organization with all local, state, and federal regulations

  • Lead hiring and other employee development, including training

  • Plan and establish long-term goals for the nursing department

  • Keep a record of all the activities in the nursing department

  • Demonstrate excellent skills in leadership and development

  • Conduct business plans and budgets for the nursing department

Other Medical Professions that Earn $100,000

Management will certainly land you with a higher salary.

With so many types of nurses working throughout the healthcare industry, there are countless opportunities to choose a nursing specialty that speaks to your interests and passions. It’s an open profession.

You’ll need to do some extra research on what works best for you.

For the purpose of keeping it simple for you, we listed In case you want to find other options, these are other nurse options that average a median salary of $100,000.

  • Pain Management Nurse - $104,000

  • Pediatric Nurse - $109,000

  • Surgical Nurse - $109,000

  • Psychiatric Nurse - $109,000

  • Nurse Midwife - $113,000

  • Neonatal Nurse - $127,000

  • Nurse Anesthetist - $189,000

Salaries may vary depending on state and experiences. For instance, the highest paid nurses tend to be in Outpatient Care Centers and Home Health Care Services.

Final Thoughts

The medical field has its challenges. The benefits outweigh the challenges though.

With many options out there, it can be overwhelming for you to decide what works best. You don’t need to start big to reach your goal. When trying to decide what’s best for you, begin simple and go from there.

While pursuing a medical profession can have its downsides, you’ll find that it’s a safe option.. What makes it attractive is that medical professions are long, fulfilling, and financially rewarding with endless opportunities.

People who are happiest at their jobs have found a passion. Medical professionals have many options to choose from and don’t need to be tied down either.

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