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4 Careers that are Recession Proof

The future may look unpromising due to the increased inflation and the current recession. Our paychecks seem smaller too. Despite your best efforts, you might be feeling a little stressed and uncertain about your future.

In addition, the recession will only get worse from here. It will be in the midst of a recession by August 2023! Even if it's already here, you don't feel it. YET. By the middle of next year, a US recession is anticipated by 72% of economists.

The administration is working extremely hard to make it look like everything is running as usual in the lead up to the November elections in the US, but everyone with half a brain can already sense the anguish and dread.

Smaller to midsize businesses are going to feel the impact in the next few years. With that being said, as an employee, you should prepare yourself for what may come. A new certification or career change will prove useful in a changing and volatile job market. If you are worried, don't be. There are ways you can prepare yourself for the changes that are to come. Healthcare and I.T are the best industries to dive into right now.

This post will teach you to pursue 4 careers that are recession proof.

Phlebotomy Technicians

At this moment, there are not enough Phlebotomy Technicians. There is a huge demand for this job listing. There is a demand for additional phlebotomists because many illnesses can be identified by a quick blood test. Although working as a phlebotomist is seen as an entry-level employment, it also offers job security.

One of the professions that is "recession proof" is phlebotomy. Phlebotomists will always be needed as long as there are nurses, doctors, and patients in clinics, hospitals, labs, and ERs. There is currently a strong demand in California because to the certification requirement, which elevates the level of expertise needed for the employment.

EKG Technicians

To achieve their fitness, aesthetic, and health goals, more people—young and old—are choosing diets and lifestyles that are health-promoting. Heart health has risen to the top of the priority list for many people, particularly the elderly. The heart is one of the most important organs in the body, second only to the brain, and it has a significant impact on one's general health.

The need for Electrocardiogram (EKG) technicians and technologists has been rising at a steady ascent with no sign of slowing down, along with the increased concern for heart health and general well-being. Due to the baby-boomer population approaching its senior years, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts that positions for cardiovascular technicians and technologists would increase by 5% between 2019 and 2029.

I.T Specialists

You can't go wrong with Information Technology. IT occupations are undoubtedly in high demand in today's age of technological breakthroughs. Its primary task is to stimulate innovation, which results in commercial success. In fact, one of the factors contributing to the present recession's high levels of web visitation is an increase in sales.

Information technology is used by businesses in every sector to improve their workflow and business strategy. The absence of information technology results in a business' closure. The IT sector is showing a lot of business potential during this pandemic now that working from home is widely accepted. Today, more workplaces permit their employees to work remotely.

Medical Billing and Coders

This industry has incredible potential. The healthcare industry has traditionally been praised for remaining resilient to economic challenges, particularly employment involving little direct patient care, such as medical billing and coding.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that employment in the healthcare sector increased by 31,000 jobs in January, bringing total employment to 14.2 million since December. The BLS also reports that employment growth for medical billing and coding specialists is anticipated to be much faster than average through 2022.

The Bureau's preliminary statistics show that since December, positions have expanded in physician offices by about 2700, ambulatory services by about 12,900, and hospitals by approximately 12,700. Additionally, the BLS forecasts a 20% rise in employment for all health information techs, including experts in medical billing and coding. Similarly, to information technology, medical billing and coding requires expertise in software technology. According to the BLS, job prospects will be particularly promising for professionals with strong computer software skills due to the evolving nature of the healthcare industry and reforms, as well as the EHR system's ongoing expansion and modification of medical billers' and coders' job responsibilities.

Final Thoughts

There you have it! Those are the top industries right now that are smart career moves for those of you who want a bright future. It's normal to feel worried about the recession because of how uncertain it is. Being worried though, does not prepare you for what may come. If you keep your eyes open and continue to improve your skills, you'll be okay during the recession. Recession proof industries have stood against the test of time.


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