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6 Helpful Tips to Transition from Student to Full-Time Employee

As a student you are constantly expanding your knowledge. The reason you want to expand your knowledge is because your focus is on transitioning to a full-time employee. Transitioning into a full-time employee, could seem as hard as being a student but there are many tips to help you transition.

The quality, traits and headspace to being a student prepares you as a full-time employee. At K & G Career Academy, we are always welcoming of those interested and motivated.

Acceptance of Change

Transitioning into a full-time employee takes a mindset of acceptance for the change you are about to acquire. You’ll be expected to follow a set schedule and have a set of responsibilities. You have to get in the mindset. The time of waking up early and not partying on random days of the week has officially arrived.

Try to see this ounce of change, as a chance to prosper and further educate yourself.

You’ve dealt with change before so this shouldn’t be that hard to accustomed to. Thinking back to when you first started at your university, everything about your life was destined to change.

You are more adaptable than you might think so have some confidence. It’s important to understand the unbalance and uncertainty of change is only temporary, you will soon develop new habits, schedules and so on.


If you are about to start your first job some of your responsibilities might be admin based at first. Entry level jobs are a step in the right direction. Try to be patient and understand the outset, instead of feeling dejected. As you level up in your career ladder, your responsibilities and expectations will rise.

Being patient, staying preserved and staying motivated is important. You are to be patient with the new adjustments.

Comparing is a NO

In this era social media has a high expectancy. Watching others post about their daily life can be seen as a quest for likes on their behalf. It's easy to start comparing yourself to those that attend your university. This is not healthy and will not help you gain in any way shape or form.

Instead of scrolling through your friends' feeds and comparing yourself to them, it's smarter to directly communicate with them in person on how transitioning from a student to a full-time employee has worked for them.

With communicating you will find that more than a handful of them will be in the position of you. Social media can be deceptive, and people only tend to share the rainbow part of their story.


Completing school will feel like you have the highest degree in education however when starting to work in the real world you will realize you don’t know everything. There will come times where you feel as though you don’t know anything.

This is not a reason to let your confidence be battered down. In fact, employers will appreciate young graduates like yourself for their energy, determination and curiosity. The fresh and new perspectives are often admired by employers. If you find yourself curious about ideas, it is important to speak up and suggest them.

Less Free Time

While your income will rise , the amount of your free time will start to decrease. There will no longer be those definite long summer days and holiday vacations. However, the commencement of the new chapter you are stepping into is a wonderful opportunity to start using your time in a smart manner.

Including careful planning, the activities in the evenings opposed to pubs or clubs that might be included in a college student schedule.

At first it might feel like all you're doing is working but once you are used to the hours spent, you will realize there’s many things to do after 5pm and during weekends. Speaking from experience, I clock out of work every Saturday and Sunday at 5pm or 6pm giving me time to make plans for after.

Healthy Habits

Being on the go all the time will cause you to fall into less healthy habits. Some of these unhealthy habits might’ve been acquired during your studying at your university as well. Such as staying up late, exercising and eating habits.

Sometimes it might seem easy to wake up and head straight to work with any food in your system which could cause you to be sleepy and unmotivated during work which won't work in your favor.

It is important to embed good habits from the start. Committing to healthy habits will help you adjust to the drastic change in your life and help you perform best in your job.

The transition from student life to full time employee can feel overwhelming and intimidating. It doesn’t have to feel this way if you follow these six tips, I have informed you on.


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