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6 Biggest Benefits of Becoming a Phlebotomy Technician

A phlebotomy technician holds more responsibilities other than just drawing someone's blood, there's the responsibility of comforting your patients, taking down information, collecting blood samples and sending them to labs.

Demanding Career With Short Training

A benefit of choosing to be a phlebotomist as your career is how quickly you will be able to enter the field with a short training time period. The phlebotomy training program at K & G Career Academy can be completed in three weeks, online and in person.

Taking the training online will mean you will have to come in for one week for your clinicals. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the job growth will grow at a rate of twenty three percent until 2018.


Being a phlebotomist gives you the room to work in different settings and different work shift opportunities. The time and space will be flexible. You have the options of doctors offices, clinics, hospitals and blood donation camps.

Doctors offices will most likely require you to work standard hours of eight to seventeen. When choosing a hospital you are given the option to work mornings, evenings or nights.

Making a Difference

Phlebotomists help healthcare practitioners and doctors get the insight they need to make healthcare decisions about the treatment the patient requires.

Without blood samples, doctors wouldn't be able to accurately identify the health concerns and conditions of the patients. Good bedside manners can help calm your patient and make drawing blood easier, helping the patient be at ease. Compassion, steady hands and a love for healthcare than what are you waiting for. Look at you being Meredith Grey and saving lives.

Consider Boredom Extinct

As a Phlebotomy Technician, you have the chance to meet new people everyday. Depending on where you work, you’ll have different patients, emergencies, potential worksite locations, shifts, and coworkers. Phlebotomists have the chance to work alongside almost every medical professional.

Phlebotomists are on the move. They are on their feet during their whole duration of a shift. If you’re looking for a job that doesn’t put you behind a desk from 9 to 5, this is an option to consider in the healthcare industry.

You’ll retrieve patients from waiting rooms, walk lab samples, talk to coworkers’ desks for additional healthcare information you may need for your patients. This job is perfect for folks who love to be on the move all the time and get their steps in lol!

Expanding Knowledge Within the Healthcare Industry

Phlebotomy Technicians work alongside all types of medical professionals. If you want to use a phlebotomy role as a professional stepping stone, you’ll get great insight into the work of other healthcare workers and their skills.

You’ll gain first-hand experience and knowledge of different roles to determine if you may one day want to move onto a different career in medicine.

It takes a focused and interested person to extract blood from the youngest to the oldest patients. Phlebotomists have specialized skills in drawing blood and this often makes them an essential team member when trying to draw blood from a difficult vein in high-pressure medical situations.

Upcoming Skills

Students taking this training learn a variety of topics. If you don’t already, you gain effective communication and documentation skills. Ethical, legal, and regulatory matters. Infection control and medical terminology. Procedures for venipuncture and capillary collections. Specimen handling and processing.

When learning the blood collection procedure, you will learn the venipuncture techniques for different people like seniors and newborns. You will become familiar with specific and unique collection procedures for bodily fluids. Furthering your knowledge, infection affects the blood cells and how to prevent it when drawing the blood. You’ll pick up on scientific and technical terms used in the health care setting. Who am I kidding you will be the next Einstein.

Final Thoughts

So um what are you waiting for ? Sign up for some classes like right now ! We both know you have the dedication and desire to make the step towards a bright future. K & G Career Academy will be understanding and offer you opportunities at an inexpensive price.


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