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5 Cheap Courses That Will Land You a Job

You're ready to make a career change. If you're like my friends and family, there are career paths that lead to dead ends. Unfortunately, not every field leads to bigger and better.

Not to mention, some people are afraid to take the leap because of the cost.

I don't blame you if you feel that way. The average college tuition is is $14.000 per year. What makes it expensive is the amount of courses you need to take. You can change your strategy to focusing on taking courses instead of majors.

People nowadays change occupations an average of 10 to 15 times during their professional careers and that's okay. It's a good thing to find what you like to do.

Yes, it appears that the days of remaining with the same company for decades are past. Even those of us who enjoy our jobs appear to change things up every few years. This is because growth and happiness are associated with the decision.

Think about it. What is your reason for wanting to change?

With all of this job hopping and millions of fresh graduates entering the workforce each year, the question "How do I find a job?" is on many people's minds. They're college graduates who may be in debt and need a job as soon as possible.

Some are college graduates who have been working for a few others while others are fresh graduates with zero experience who can't find a job in their field.

You could find a better job through job search or focus on improving your skills by taking short, cheap courses.

As a result, you might be put off by the idea of going back to school. However, rather than taking a long-term course, there are alternatives.

For this list, I chose fields that were in demand such as marketing, I.T, and healthcare.

Let's talk about five cheap courses that will land you a job in no time.

Digital Marketing

One of the reasons why a job in digital marketing is so interesting is that the sector is always changing as new platforms are established. A digital marketing manager is continuously on the lookout for new trends and how they affect discoverability.

Building digital marketing experience covers almost all aspect of a company's online presence. Digital marketing managers monitor search engine improvements to see how they affect website rankings. Following that, the entire marketing team collaborates to develop a strategy.

With 860,000 job opportunities, LinkedIn lists "Digital Marketing Specialist" as one of the top ten most in-demand careers. Social media, content planning, SEO, analytics, and other digital marketing skills are among the most sought after.

Because digital marketing strategy has so many dimensions, the number of associated positions is relatively large. In fact, the digital skills gap represents a problem for the sector. According to a LinkedIn survey, there is a shortage of around 230,000 digital marketing experts in the United States' largest metro areas.

With so many openings and not enough qualified candidates to fill them, now is an excellent moment to begin your career in digital marketing.

Digital marketing does not require a 4-year degree. There are certification programs that can get you certified and working right after you're done.

Course prices range between $395-$8,000

Comptia A+

This isn't necessarily a course, but it's an exam that can get you certified as an I.T Technician quickly.

With CompTIA A+, there are no limits to what you can achieve. Because the certification does not focus on vendor-specific hardware and software, you may concentrate on building your foundation of technical knowledge and being comfortable with the technology vocabulary you'll need on your professional path, regardless of which path you choose. CompTIA A+ opens up doors to in-demand fields like computer networking and cybersecurity in any vendor environment. Furthermore, A+ is ISO/ANSI accredited, which means that your qualification is recognized by businesses all over the world.

As you may or may not know, tech jobs are in-demand. A side bonus is that I.T allows you to work anywhere.

Today, many IT professions don't require individuals to work in an office or at a certain location. With CompTIA A+, you'll be able to find jobs that allow you to work from anywhere, whether it's an employer's office or your own home.

Comptia exams range in price, but they're more affordable than a college degree. You can earn a CompTIA A+ certification for less than $250.

Medical Office Assistant

Medical Office Assistants are detail-oriented individuals that assist in the efficient functioning of medical offices, clinics, and hospitals by completing a wide range of office activities. Medical Office Assistants must be able to communicate effectively with patients, physicians, nurses, and others.

Their education and mastery is important to medical terminology, Medical Assistants make good candidates for Medical Office Assistants. Medical Office Assistants are trusted by doctors and patients alike for the accuracy of medical and administrative data. They are, in fact, necessary for better patient experiences and therapeutic outcomes.

You'll only spend about 3-4 weeks in a classroom. Health care jobs are recession free. You won't need to worry about having to change jobs.

Course prices range from $400-$5000.

Phlebotomy Technician

You'll find another health care job on this list. Health Care vocational programs are great for quick, short-term certification programs that can get you working as soon as you graduate.

Phlebotomy Technicians are a growing field.

Patients' blood is collected by phlebotomy technicians, who then prepare the samples for examination. The majority of them work in hospitals and clinics, but some also collect blood for donation. Phlebotomy technicians are vital parts of the health-care team, and they are frequently called upon to explain the blood-drawing operation and reassure patients.

With medical technology continually improving, phlebotomy technicians must understand the differences between blood test types and how drugs and nutrition affect blood samples.

Phlebotomy technicians may anticipate a salary of $36,000 on average.

Phlebotomy is a rapidly growing discipline with several employment options. Phlebotomist technicians are expected to expand at a substantially quicker rate than the national average, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Because doctors rely on blood tests for analysis and diagnosis, demand for phlebotomy technicians is expected to rise.

The average phlebotomy course ranges from $800-$8000.

EKG Technician

An EKG (Electrocardiogram) Technician performs a range of cardiovascular tests, including the electrocardiogram (EKG), which uses tiny electrodes to assess the electrical activity of your heart. The EKG graphs the activity of your heart as a series of lines, with spikes and dips known as waves.

The job future for EKG technicians is bright, with possibilities for cardiovascular technicians and technologists expected to increase by 29% between 2010 and 2020. This is far quicker than the average rate of employment growth in other industries.

There are courses available that are 3-weeks long too. You won't spend that much time r money in school.

I've seen courses go from anywhere between $700-$4000.

Final Thoughts

You don't need to continue feeling unhappy at your current job or feel helpless after graduating college because you lack experience. There are solutions to your problem because there are alternatives to education.

Finding your desired job in today's current and dynamic employment market may necessitate a combination of the following strategies including changing careers that are more geared towards skills versus education.

You may cast a wider net and boost your chances of getting recruited by being flexible in your approach and exploring different approaches.


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