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What to Expect from a Phlebotomy Training

Phlebotomy is an important job within the medical field. The job of a phlebotomy technician is to draw blood from blood donors or patients. This profession requires mental fortitude and physical skill. For those interested in working in this field of work, are required to have a certification.

As a phlebotomy technician you will spend your days helping physicians and other medical professionals diagnose medical conditions through phlebotomy. Phlebotomists have specialized skills which make them an essential team member.

What to Expect from the Training?

The phlebotomy training will prepare students to work as healthcare technicians specializing in phlebotomy. With this training you are provided with knowledge and skill set to be a successful phlebotomist. There will be courses on the anatomy of the human body and the physiology of the human body.

Also, there will be courses on concepts and procedures of blood collection and diseases related to each anatomical system. You will also be taught blood sampling procedures, laboratory safety and venipuncture techniques.

At K & G Career Academy we provide the training for three weeks. Resulting in online for two weeks and one week in person for clinic training at a cost of $850. You must be at least seventeen years old and have two forms of ID.

The Steps of the Job Itself

Phlebotomy technicians will be comfortable with drawing blood. They’ll be able to draw blood properly to prevent injuries to the donor or patient. Phlebotomists are level headed. You’ll be able to manage under pressure during emergency situations.

You’ll obtain communication skills and a calming demeanor. Since many patients are afraid of blood or uncomfortable, they trust you. You’ll have the skills to comfort them.

People skills should be one of your traits. You will be responsible for explaining the procedures step by step to the patient or the donor. Properly drawing blood and applying bandages and pressure once the blood is drawn. Being able to take the patients or donors blood pressure, pulse, and respiration readings.

Additionally, you’ll learn how to properly update the patients records in the system. You’ll learn how to clean and sterilize the equipment that you use. Phlebotomists build skills such as preparing stains and reagents. Lastly, sending samples to the lab for testing.

Employment / Income

Employment opportunities for certified phlebotomists can be found in private clinics, pathology labs, mobile labs, nursing homes and hospitals. The career outlook in this field is stable and promising. If you are dedicated, you would be able to further your career by becoming a certified DPT (Donor Phlebotomy Technician) which makes you qualified to work in a blood collection center.

As far as job opportunities go, there will always be a need for phlebotomy technicians. As the population increases, so does the need for phlebotomy technicians. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the employment of phlebotomists is estimated to grow at twenty two percent from now until 2030.

As a phlebotomist you will earn a steady income. An average hourly rate of an estimate of $17 per hour, $35,510 per year. This may vary depending on your place of employment. Employment opportunities are available after completion of the course with K & G Career Academy.

Skills You Will Learn

Students taking this training learn a variety of topics. If you don’t already, you gain effective communication and documentation skills. Ethical, legal, and regulatory matters. Infection control and medical terminology. Procedures for venipuncture and capillary collections. Specimen handling and processing.

When learning the blood collection procedure, you will learn the venipuncture techniques for different people like seniors and newborns. You will become familiar with specific and unique collection procedures for bodily fluids.

You’ll become an expert in safely handling lab equipment. Furthering your knowledge, infection affects the blood cells and how to prevent it when drawing the blood. You can improve your vocabulary. It will definitely be something done immediately. You’ll pick up on scientific and technical terms used in the health care setting.

Comfortability / Flexibility

The training at K & G Career Academy is not only inexpensive but online for two weeks which gives you the comfort of learning from home. You are given the opportunity to work in your own comfort space whether it’s your house, coffee shop or a library. Personally, I would take learning from home over having to travel any day!

For those that don’t have transportation, this will work in their favor for the first two weeks. They have that time to figure out how they will get to us for the third week to complete their clinical.

Depending on the institution you work in, your schedule will be flexible. You may find yourself working 8,10- or 12-hour shifts. Depending on how many hours you work in a day interferes with the number of days you will have to work. The flexibility of your work schedule gives you availability to spend time with loved ones.

Physicians’ offices and laboratories mainly expect their employees to work 9-5 however hospitals will need certified phlebotomists to have a 24/7 schedule availability. A flexible, alternative schedule might be ideal for someone with obligations like children that have a 9-5 schedule too.


You can use this training and completion to travel the world. As a phlebotomist, you can take the advantage of taking on travel assignments all around the country. This serves as an advantage for those who have always wanted to travel. You will now be able to take your career and combine it with your dreams.

As I grew up, I admired teachers for the way they taught and the knowledge they hold. By equipping this knowledge and doing this training you are giving yourself a choice of teaching others. You help those aspiring to learn these essential technical and social skills that accompany your job by helping with onsite training.

Consider Being Bored Extinct

Everyday is a new day for a Phlebotomist Technician. You are consistently meeting new patients with every shift. There are possibilities of working with new staff and workplace relocations. This field of work is fast paced and always requires you to do something instead of being behind a desk for hours. You will either be walking lab samples to drop offs, one on one talks with doctors regarding patients and retrieving patients from the waiting room.

Serving a Purpose

If you have been looking for a career where you come home feeling like you're served well, then this is the career for you! Completing your phlebotomist training means you will have direct hands-on collecting blood from patients to figure out if their health is in good shape.

You will be supplying donation centers like the Red Cross with a healthy supply of blood types that go to give to people in need all over the world. Plasma makes up the body’s protein reserves, keeps the electrolytes balanced and helps fight against infections. Plasma centers are full of phlebotomists who are doing their job and separating the plasma from the blood.

Phlebotomists save lives collecting blood donations, plasma and getting the data to diagnose conditions. Good bedside manner helps keep the patient calm and collective. No matter your work environment you are always going home feeling accomplished and like a superhero for helping keep people healthy.

K & G Career Academy will prepare you for the next step in your career. You will be promising yourself a long lasting and successful career when enrolling for the phlebotomy training. If you have a steady hand, compassion, good dexterity, and love for health care then then become a certified phlebotomy technician.

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