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The Advantages of Taking an Online Home Health Aide Course as a College Student

As a college student, you hold many responsibilities. You are constantly juggling multiple things at once. On top of that, you still have to focus on your studies and quality time with friends and family. Furthering your education can seem impossible but with taking an online course it makes it easier to manage.

You might be a college student with more than five classes a day or less than five classes a day. Depending on your class times you will take the online course when you have the availability in your schedule. Taking the online home health aide course can better your future and guarantees you many advantages and benefits.

How to Become/ What is a Home Health Aide

To receive your HHA certification you need to complete certified home health aide classes online and pass the certification exam. Taking this course once is difficult and takes a toll on your day-to-day life, you are being taught to help others that can’t help themselves do daily activities.

You must provide two forms of ID and a social security card, receive HHA training and certification, passing criminal background, reliable transportation once you complete your classes and find employment.

Us here at K&G Career Academy are looking to give you an opportunity and invest in you offering the course online for two weeks with three days in person to complete your clinical summing up to 76 hours at the cost of $400.

A home health aide / HHA is trained to work in private homes and residential facilities to care for those in need of assistance. Home Health Aides are responsible for helping the elderly, chronically ill and disabled who need assistance to complete everyday skills.

Involving you to help brush their teeth, take them to the bathroom, giving them baths, making sure they take the appropriate dose of medication. These skills would train you how to help a family member if they needed the help.

Compared to personal care aides, home health aides work for hospice agencies or certified home health that the government funds which they are required to comply with and respect the regulations, typically working under registered nurses.

Home health aides oversee checking vital signals, administering prospective medicine, addressing wounds, massages, a little bit of housekeeping, moving patients from one space to another, planning appointments and shopping for groceries.

The Entail of Online Home Health Aide Courses

When you officially become a home health aide it will be your full-time job and will take all your dedication. However, while taking your courses you will be taught various things such as first aid. In case of emergency, you are to be knowledgeable of the appropriate steps.

You will be taught different ways to go about completing the daily activities with your patient whether they are disabled, aged or chronically ill.

Basic hygiene precautions will be spoken of and information on aging, problems, disabilities and mental disorders and the theories occurring. The best of all will be learning how to conduct during stressful environments. You will constantly be under stressful situations, and you will need to conduct yourself in an appropriate and correct behavior.

Flexibility and Comfortability

Taking an online home health aide course includes the flexibility of your schedule. As a college student you are provided the benefit of working within the comfort of your home, dorm room or even a coffee shop. Being able to work wherever you feel most comfortable and at your own pace sounds A1 to my ears.

Let’s speak on the pandemic, for those looking to become certified could have taken the course from their home and once the pandemic ended to then take further steps to find employment. Using this as an example of how working from home on a device can benefit you even during worldwide issues.

Speaking from experience I and thousands of others were obligated to gain an education over a computer. It was by far my best experience due to the fact I was able to work at my own kitchen table, eat when my body was hungry and use the restroom without permission. When doing these things, I wasn’t losing any piece of information the professor was providing because I was able to move with the device.

Not many college students have transportation to make it to in person classes so online would work for them because they are able to work from their dorm without spending money on transportation.

Even those with vehicles are saving a lonesome of money because they won’t have to spend it on gas to get to in person classes.

Starting Your Own Business

With taking this online course as a college student you are giving yourself room to grow and create a business of home health aide service. It’s not like you will be spending thousands after thousands of dollars on a location and equipment, you will be working from your client’s home with supplies that will most likely be provided but it is always smart to have your own as well.

Being in college taking online home health aide courses and then taking that opportunity and opening a business, you will become an inspiration to others and make your family proud.

You can get others to join you on your journey and encourage them to take the course at K & G Career Academy so they can work beside you helping those who cannot help themselves.

When starting your own business, you can apply for home health aide insurance which helps you stay solvent within the event of mishaps during your employment and your clients lack skills, if they were to get injured and place the blame on you, you will have coverage and stability.

Spending only $400 as a college student with the benefits that come along with it is music to anyone’s ears. Working from your own comfortability, paying for a course that’s inexpensive and further opening a business that will pay you back the money you spent to get where you are now!

Salary / Work Schedule

Home care aides in New Jersey salary is $29,512 and estimate between $27,154 - $32,836 depending on your city, education, certification, education, and skills within the profession.

Patients require 24/7 care.

A home health aide, you are expected to work morning, noon and or night shifts. You work either part of full time as a college student part time would work in your favor and around your schedule.

You can work from a four hour to a twelve-hour shift depending on the agency or company you are linked with. Schedules are flexible. It’s perfect for a college student who has a busy work schedule.

When settling in a place of employment, be aware of the schedule and pick one that works perfectly with you. If you are someone who loves helping others be at their best, then this will be a perfect fit for you. Being able to work part time while still earning an education is one of the best opportunities available.


Having an accredited certification as a home health aide shows that you have the basic medical structure. For example, you’ll have experience in taking vital signs, administering medication and basic human skills like bedside manner and communication.

Once you have completed your course, you will be taking a test using the knowledge you have acquired. You get a chance to prove your skills before being able to act on what you have learned. Some might not like the idea of taking a test, but you are taking the test to be certified which will give you credentials that will help gain clients.

The Top Notch Benefits

Your skills are always needed being a certified home health aide. The elderly population is constantly growing granting you stability in your profession.

Those aging would rather stay in the comfort of their home. They need qualified home health care. An opportunity for those interested in expanding their skills and wanting change.

Stability in your profession is something we all look for because it makes us feel secure. Have job opportunities in something we know how to do best. Being able to share your traits with those in need. Should make you feel like a hero.

You are constantly helping those who can’t help themselves, making them feel like a person by helping them do day to day activities.

College students look forward to partying, studying, and spending time with their friends and or family. Having the option to take classes online, gives them room to do so. They could do their online home health aide classes from the lobby of their school.

Once they finish, they can make their way to class. Once classes are done, they have the availability to attend parties, study or spend time with their friends and or family.

Advantages, benefits, pros, and opportunities is something that we all look forward to when starting something new. Being a college student is stressful. You are already spending loads of cash on books! You can relax! Taking this class will benefit you.

I have provided many advantages that should be music to your ears. I am hoping after reading this you will make the decision of bettering your future and taking the online home health aide course!


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