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Phlebotomy Technician Classes Starting Today

Hi there,

At K&G Career Academy we're proud to announce that our first Phlebotomy Technician classes are starting this Monday.

We're excited to welcome our first students into our campus where they'll receive a full, hands-on, and comprehensive training that caters to what they need.

Beginnings are important and impressions are too. For this reason, we're completely focused on bringing back the experience to education. You can learn in a classroom where you'll have the equipment needed to complete your training.

Our instructors are experienced in the field. In this course, we want to ensure that our students accomplish the following:

  • Ensure students make a transition from practice to the field

  • Spark intellectual curiosity while challenging students

  • To support beginners and provide them with a safe environment to transition to a new career

  • Build a sense of community in a classroom

  • To encourage students to move past their fears

  • We're approved by the National Healthcareer Association.

  • Our instructors are professional and licensed by the state.

Register for Upcoming Phlebotomy Class

Are you interested in registering for a course? It's never been easier. If you missed this chance to register for our Phlebotomy Technician course, don't worry. We have classes that are offered monthly.

With our Phlebotomy Technician courses, we offer the following for your convenience.

  1. Provide clinical and practical theories of Phlebotomy

  2. Direct students to employment opportunities while assisting them with their resumes.

  3. Work with their schedule.

  4. Challenge students with hands-on training.

  5. Conduct roleplays to make a point or layout how to properly handle patients.

  6. Offer students the tools necessary to build a career.

  7. Clean classrooms and safe environments

  8. Parking is available.

  9. Payment plans

  10. Encourage active learning

  11. Small classrooms for extensive approach.

Final Thoughts

We're ready to begin the new year helping new students find a career in healthcare. You won't regret your decision. We look forward to meeting with our students tomorrow.

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