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How to Sign Up on LinkedIn (With Pictures)

The majority of those in the corporate world, as well as certain others, have a LinkedIn page.

They probably learned at some point how crucial it was to sign up for and use LinkedIn for networking and, if necessary, job searching. They therefore took a short time to create a free account.

But after you've done that relatively easy thing, is it still worthwhile to use LinkedIn? Or is it merely another social media site with the potential to make users squander more time than is necessary?

Creating an effective LinkedIn profile is needed in today's job market for most professions.

LinkedIn is a great opportunity to network yourself. Having a LinkedIn profile is a good way to build a business network. LinkedIn is also a great platform to promote and showcase yourself or your business.

In addition, LinkedIn will help you boost brand visibility, improve your reputation, build links, and even drive traffic to your website.

We will be taking you step by step on how to sign up, just to make your life easier!

Open the LinkedIn Website

The first step is to visit LinkedIn. It will open to a page with different text fields in the middle.

Enter Personal Information

Step two requires you to include your information. It's safe to store some personal information on LinkedIn. This will help recruiters find you easier. In the fields provided on the main page. LinkedIn needs the following information

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email - Your preferred email address at which LinkedIn can contact you.

  • Password - Your preferred password for your LinkedIn account.

Fill out the Country and Zip Code

A drop-down menu of countries. Click on your current country of residence.

Press Student or Not

Click the Yes or the No box at the top of this page.

Type in your Job Title and Company

If you're a student, you'll type in your current school, the year at which you started school, and when you plan to graduate.

Personalization Option

You will choose one of the following.

  • Finding a job

  • Building my professional network

  • Staying up-to-date with my industry

  • Keeping in touch with my contacts

  • Not sure yet. I'm open.

Enter Email Address & Open Message from LinkedIn

For this step, we recommend that you use an email that you frequently use. This step requires you to enter an email address, open your inbox, and confirm that your email address is active.

Confirm your Email

This is a reminder that you must confirm your email. If you don't see it, check the junk or spam folder.

Add a Photo

A rule of thumb is that people like to see who they are speaking to.

A profile picture helps recruiters find you easier. Additionally, a professional photo can make a difference in how employers see you. f you are not interested in adding a photo you are welcome to skip, but it is within your best interest to add one because it adds value to your profile.

Select Pages to Follow

In this step, LinkedIn requires you to pick profiles you'd like to follow. This is to help you learn how to network and connect with people on their platform.

Click Pencil Icon

After you click on the pencil icon, you can add more information about yourself. You will have to add the following:

  • First and Last Name

  • Headline - A catchphrase or brief personal description.

  • Current Position - Your position at your current company (for example, "Writer at Forbes").

  • Location Information - This includes your current country, ZIP code, and city.

  • Summary - A description of your goals, accomplishments, and/or mission statement.

  • Education - This option allows you to add a school or university to your profile.

Once you are done you will hit the save button. Then you are done! You're ready to start sharing your Linkedin Profile to potential employers. You can include the link onto your resume too.

Final Thoughts

LinkedIn shouldn't be ignored especially in today's competitive job market. You can research companies, recruiters use it, and join groups that provide support.

We hope our step by step description and images to get a better understanding has helped you! If you follow step by step, you should now be ready to promote your business or place of employment.


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