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3 Resume Tips That Will Get You Hired at the Job You Really Want.

You're submitting resumes to jobs daily. There are some jobs that you really want. Sometimes you'll receive call backs while other times you get ghosted. In today's job market, landing a job is no longer about walking into a facility and having a conversation with the owner.

You need to be competitive. Instead, the recruiting process begins with creating a résumé that accurately highlights your talents and gets the attention of companies without them ever meeting you. This starts with having an effective resume that will catch people's attention. In some cases, it a scanners attention!

Just as the employment process has evolved with technology, so has resume writing — and keeping up with the changes may be difficult. Fortunately, a few simple tactics will help your CV stand out in today's employment market.

We'll go through some crucial resume techniques that will catch the attention of companies in 2022.

Keep it Simple

Your resume is a summary of your skillsets. For an efficient resume, keep it to one page. You have to remember that hiring managers go through thousands of resumes. They'll look for specific keywords that reflect the position they are hiring for.

If you're not sure how to make a professional resume, the golden rule is to keep it brief. Hiring managers like resumes that are targeted to the exact post for which individuals are applying. Instead than thinking of your CV as a biography, consider it a technique to advertise yourself to the person who might want to hire you.

Here are some tips on how to keep your resume short and simple:

  • Remember to keep your resume to one page

  • Use bullet lists to break up information

  • Emphasize the hard skills you've learned including training, education, and job experience

  • Include your experience before your education

  • Keep your bullet points short and straight to the point.

List Relevant Certifications

Before you apply to a job, make sure you have the right qualifications. You'll be wasting your time applying to jobs you don't have the right certifications for.

Listing legitimate, relevant certificates demonstrates your commitment to honing your abilities and expanding your knowledge. Certifications may help you stand out from the crowd and are especially useful in healthcare and IT.

Make sure to include any relevant credentials on your resume. An unwritten norm in this situation is to provide the name of the certification, the certifying agency, and the date of acquisition. If applicable, mention the location as well.

Create a LinkedIn Profile and Include the Link

A LinkedIn profile matters in 2022. Employers don't look through resumes only. HR managers will spend time searching your social media pages especially LinkedIn. If you don't have a LinkedIn Profile already, it's easy to create one.

LinkedIn is your digital career space, where employers and colleagues can learn about your professional history and connect with you. Including your profile URL near your contact information draws the attention of employers and increases your reputation. A thorough LinkedIn profile can also dramatically boost your chances of landing an interview. It demonstrates your attention to detail and the confidence you have in your abilities.

Final Thoughts

You can get the job of your dreams if you understand how to market yourself.

Resumes are a gateway to a better career. After you finish your certifications, the next step is putting your knowledge and skills into a resume that will attract employers. A resume in 2022 continues to be important. However, having a LinkedIn Profile is a must too. Since we are living in a digital world, it's crucial that you are up-to-date with your skillsets.

If you need additional assistance with your resume, feel free to contact us. You can check out our professional resume assistance service. Our team of professionals will give you a great resume in less than 24-hours.


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