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6 Ways to Be a More Confident Student

Although there are some that have DR in front of their name it wasn't that long before that they were struggling to be where they are. Walking into something new can be nerve wrecking. As a student you need to be confident no matter your struggle and new things you will be facing.


Dress Confidently

When dressing confidently it makes you feel self-assured about your appearance and changes your attitude for the activities you have ahead of you. Some might prefer dressing comfortable like wearing sweatpants, shorts, leggings, oversized t shirts or tank tops.

However some prefer dressing formal because it makes them feel good about how others will perceive them in that outfit. Last but not least there are people who think dressing casual makes them feel confident whether its a pair of jeans a shirt or hoodie, that's what fits them best.

Body Language

In this generation conversation and interactions are normalized to be non verbal. It is easy to read someone based on their body language. Based on you come across to someone, the way you fidget, shake or even stay calmly it is easy to catch on too.

For example I have a really bad habit of shaking my leg and playing with my hair, no matter where or who I'm talking too. Factors like this can come across to somebody as you being nervous or anxious. I like to picture myself as model so that way I can fix my posture lol.

You standing or sitting up straight with your shoulders back will communicate to others without you even having to talk to the people around you that you are confident in yourself. This is important within the medical field, you will be assisting those who cant assist themselves and they need to see you are confident in what you will be doing.

Set Boundaries

If you are not completely comfortable with something being brought to your attention or being asked of you then it is okay to say no. It is okay to ask questions and ask for something you want.

You're the one who is in charge of your life and what goes on is based off your decisions.

Setting boundaries is good for those who will try to take advantage of you and lower your confidence, with them with the self respect and self empowerment. Confidence radiates itself when living the life you want.

Outside your Comfort Zone

Being a college student, it is that time period in your life that growth and opportunities will occur and new things will be difficult to you at first. It is a good thing to push yourself out of your comfort zone and not keep yourself in a turtles shell.

Do things that you have always been intimidated to do. Doing things you are not used to constantly, it will then become prone to you and you will be a pro.


It is reassuring to know what you are working hard for. Whether it is studying and acing your exam or to earn a certain amount of money in a time period.

Set goals, they can be short or long terms goals and accomplish one by one. Be smart and don't overwhelm yourself with goals you know are no where in reach. When achieving these goals it will increase your confidence and even your life skills.

Pick yourself up

When things get rough, try to look at the rainbow at the end of the tunnel. When having a bad day, distract yourself and focus on the things going good in your life. Never let competition or criticism get in the way of achieving your goals

Rejection can be hard and that's why its good to take that failure and hardship as a chance to rise above. Facing challenges train your mind on how to work with the bad that will get in your way.

Use setbacks to prepare for a comeback.

Final Thoughts

Self-confidence begins with the perception of yourself. You have to believe in yourself and your ability to achieve above and beyond. Embrace your strengths, let your individuality rise.

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