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10 Great Reasons to Become an EKG technician

I’m here to educate you on the 10 Great Reasons to Become an EKG Technician. will benefit you and maybe persuade you to join this career.

The results of this job may not be like a surgeon removing tumors or an EMT giving CPR, but it's nowhere near less important in the medical process.

EKG technicians are important amongst the healthcare industry. You use high end technology to diagnose your patients. A love or interest for this industry because it’s worth the time.

Bragging Rights

As an EKG technician you’re responsible for gathering information on your patients and relating it back to the doctor. Now if you ask me that sounds like something I would brag on and on about to my loved ones.

You’re saving your patients which to me makes you a superhero. Great conversation starter especially when dating. When they ask about your career, and you inform them that you’re an EKG technician, their eyes will light up knowing you are out there saving lives and helping others.

There's not a single person I know who doesn’t have a heart for caring, loving, and compassionate people.

The Best Part $$

The best part of being in this profession is the pay. You can earn an estimate of $60,940 annually and $28 hourly depending on your place of employment and your stand in certification and education level.

Choosing to be an EKG technician gives you a fulfilling career at low expense. Not to mention, it requires a short length of education along with different options on where to be employed.

Education wise there is a requirement of a two-year associate degree or a short certification program at 4-weeks which is amazing compared to other careers that require years of education and way more debt. Compared to other careers in the healthcare industry there are zero requirements to attend school for a four-year bachelor’s degree.

You’re a People Person

As an EKG technician you will consistently be spending most of your time with patients. You’ll assist patients in being less nervous because they’ll be more secure and confident with you being around.

This type of job calls for people who are easy going with other people even during difficult times. If you have the capability to calm someone down and be their comfort zone during a difficult and unusual time, then you are needed and wanted in this industry.

An EKG technician can make a difference between life and death. When performing an EKG on an elderly human being you are giving them more time with their grandkids and children.

The Medical Show Dream

Now if you’re a medical show fanatic then get into this profession ASAP! Living the life you see your favorite character live is like a dream come true. If I could be Meredith Grey in Grey's Anatomy trust me, I would. However, I can’t, so I’d walk the hospital halls and take care of patients just like her just in a different profession.

Being an EKG technician, you'll wear scrubs and work side by side with amazing performing doctors. In Grey's Anatomy they became family, even those that weren’t blood related treated each other as if they were. That’s the best part: having a family within your workplace is comforting.

Flexibility and Structure

If you are someone who’s looking to study while having a family to raise, then you should definitely carry the title of an EKG technician. K & G career Academy provides online classes morning and evening from 10am to 3pm and 5pm to 9pm. It offers a flexible schedule for busy people like yourself.

If you take the morning class from 10am to 3pm then that gives the availability to do what you, please after 3pm. Taking a night class, will give you the opposite of getting your responsibility done other than education in the morning.

Technology Nerd

You’ll develop skills using software and applications. In this day in age, you’re expected to know everything within this field. You’ll gain knowledge on how to read Holter monitors, complete stress tests and keep up to date with cardiological developments.

This is a fair warning. If you are into technology, then can you just consider being an EKG technician. I’m going to consistently remind you.

Opportunities for Employment / Requirement

If you haven’t heard, the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that health care career job growth will rise by a percentage of FOURTEEN PERCENT until 2028. your places of employment.

You are to make sure you have your high school diploma, obtain on the job training, get certified and create a resume which us at K & G Career Academy help you with upon request.


Doesn’t wearing scrubs to work sound amazing? Your uniform has a simplicity but also a comfortability. Scrubs of any color or design allowing you to embrace your personality within your workplace.

Having this as your uniform requirement makes it easier to move around your workplace whether it’s up and down stairs or up and down hallways. Also being able to wear any color and design gives you an advantage of showing who you are to your patient and getting to know each for comfortability.

Working Out

Are you someone who likes to be fit? If so, why aren’t you an EKG technician yet? In this place of work, you are constantly moving around getting in your steps. You will not be sitting behind a desk collecting dust, you will be up and active.

Constantly walking in and out of rooms for different patients, walking up and down stairs and so on. You will be getting in exercise that others will probably be getting at a gym however you're getting paid for it. So, who’s really winning?

Great Storyteller

Oh my, the stories you will collect to tell your loved ones is amazing. You will be able to tell them if you caught something, diagnosed a patient, and informed a doctor which means YOU SAVED A LIFE. Even if it's funny things that happened with your patient or a story your patient tells you.

You will come home with stories, smiles, and laughter. I mean who doesn’t want that within their profession. You will also be able to inform your loved ones on things to avoid and to look out for.

Being an EKG technician requires a small amount of training for this medical position but is competitive with specialties that require way more training and study. This is perfect for those looking for a job without the grueling hours of working for a fulfilling career. The different job opportunities are promising and effective. I’ve only given you ten great reasons but I guarantee there is way more and the only way to find out is to join K & G Career Academy and take a course!


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