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Need a New Job? Get Prepared with an Online Certification.

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Online education has become surprisingly normal in this day and age. Some courses that have become online due to COVID-19 have stayed online because of the benefits that come from it. There is a great upward trend in the number of students registered in online learning.

According to the World Economic Forum, in 2018, there were 35 million students registered in some sort of online learning. In 2021, that number went up to 92 million. Not only are students moving online, so are people in the workforce. More and more adults are taking calls and meetings from home these days.

Not only will you be able to become certified through an online course, but you will be able to do so in the comfort of your own home! Online courses can help avoid any geographical issues, and you can still get your certification.

Although it may seem intimidating to do courses online rather than in a traditional in-person class, getting your certification this way comes with many perks.


Let’s get started.

Work At Your Own Pace

Have you ever dozed off in class, or gone to the bathroom and missed something important? Working online allows you to pause a video to go grab a snack or go back a slide in a PowerPoint at your own time.

If you are looking to get a certification in something while being a student or having a job, online certification is the way to go because it gives you the flexibility of learning while growing professionally. With hobbies, work, and time with friends and family, you can learn online around your schedule since there are no set class times. You can have time for everything!

Everyone learns in different ways, and it may take some of us longer to digest information in comparison to our peers. Nothing is wrong with that, but online certifications make it much easier to become an expert in your subject.

Some students feel uncomfortable to ask a teacher a question, so online learning lets you go back to past material. Take your time to focus on things you do not understand! You are allowed time to research more about an unfamiliar topic, and then go back to continue any coursework.

Time Management Skills and Responsibility

It is true that when taking courses online, it is much easier to get distracted, but take this opportunity to work on important time management skills. As an adult with many responsibilities, taking online courses will help you become a master at time management.

No physical person will be demanding you to make sure you are meeting deadlines and doing your work. Your dedication is what will give you motivation, and that is a great thing! Employers want candidates that have passion and drive, and this shows that you have the ability to juggle different things and set priorities to get the job done.

It may be intimidating to have so much on your plate. Some of you may be occupied with work and/or kids, and some of you are still in school. Never look at having more responsibility as a disadvantage. Not only will you learn information and skills during your course, but you will become more responsible which will be carried out through any future jobs.

It is important for students in the online courses to take the time to reach out to faculty if needed and plan ahead. I highly suggest that students make a weekly schedule filled with any deadlines, small reminders, and tasks that need to be completed.

More Time for Your Hobbies

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of work you have to do. Usually, you would have to go all the way to class at a specific time, and then study and complete homework. With an online course, you can start reading your materials in the morning, attend any extracurricular activities, and then start working again till however late you want.

Stressing about how you will make it to your 1pm dance classes while taking classes? Now, you can take a break from learning to pursue your hobbies. You can work around your current schedule. No need to cancel any hobbies while doing an online certification!

It is so easy to get wrapped up in your work and not focus on yourself. Doing things for your own happiness is so important and often lost when it comes to education. People stop doing their favorite things because in-person classes eat up a lot of your time, but an online course will give you some freedom.

Self care is important as well. When feeling burnout, you often do not want to be going to class and increasing your stress levels. It is okay to occasionally take a break because mental health is extremely important, as long as you are still focused.

More Control Over Your Learning Environment

You are not restricted to learning in a classroom! Do you work better when you are alone? Do you memorize terms better when you listen to music? Maybe you like having background noise while you are studying. Where you decide to learn is up to you, and it does not matter where you are.

If you like the option of working where you want, then online learning is definitely for you. Personally, I love to be online because I can sit in my kitchen where there is sunlight and have some snacks while learning! Everyday, I switch back and forth between different spots in the house just for some variety.

Sometimes, I enjoy working at a coffee shop while listening to music and sipping on a latte. Other people are incredibly focused when they are at a desk by themselves at a library in silence. I have even witnessed people working from the beach!

Everyone’s preferences are different, and the beauty of online certifications is that it is your choice. It is easy to carry your laptop wherever you go in order to stay on top of your tasks. Learn in your optimal setting!

Career Advancement

Imagine there are two applicants to a job: One has general background in the field, and one is certified in that specific job. Which one would you choose? The one with the certification because they have the specific skills and knowledge that pertain to that particular job.

Certifications make you stand out from other candidates, and they show that you have dedication and passion for the job. It proves that you want to excel in your career to be the best that you can be, and that is what will make you desirable for the position.

When it comes to salary, having a certification can definitely increase your income in certain fields. Also, you can ask for a higher starting pay since you are higher in qualifications with a certification in industries such as healthcare and IT.

For the medical field specifically, it is very stressful when it comes to getting a job. Many people are hiring, yet those spots are filling up fast. Use your certification to get your spot in the field.

Final Thoughts

If you are someone with a busy schedule, an online certification leaves you with a better understanding of your materials due to its flexibility. You may have a lot of responsibilities, but if you prioritize effectively, then it will be easier to manage your time.

The independence you have with it makes the courses feel much more manageable, and you get to learn in a comfortable way! You get to work on yourself and do things you love while learning for an online certification!

Here at K&G Career Academy, we offer medical training courses that are online, as well. Look into becoming a certified home health aide, phlebotomy technician, or even an EKG technician. We have many options, and we are here to help you along the way.

Our focus is on helping our students succeed. After getting certified, we will help you with job placement. Have time for yourself while learning with online certifications.


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