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Instant Hire: Our Partners are Hiring Today!

It's as easy as applying. Our students receive preferential treatment due to their qualifications and certifications. Are you interested in being employed with expanding companies? Please check out our job board page to find out who is hiring near you. New job opportunities are added on a weekly basis.

These job listings are sent to us by our partners who are interested in hiring job-ready candidates. Many of our partners include excellent healthcare benefits, vacation packages, and opportunities to advance your careers.

Jobs Available:

  • Office Staff

  • Medical Billing and Coders

  • Instructors

  • Certified Home Health Aides

  • Phlebotomists

  • Certified Nurse Aides

  • Medical Receptionists

  • EKG Technicians

You can apply to any of our partners on our job board page.

If you are unemployed or want to switch careers, it's easier than ever. Our home health aide courses are 3-weeks long. You can take them in-class or online. Please visit or call/text 877-861-6621 for more information.


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