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Careers in Biology You Can Pursue with a Biology Degree and Certificate Program

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

A biology degree can lead to a variety of professional opportunities.

If you enjoy science and are fascinated by the study of living things, a biology degree could be the best way to get started on your career path. It's a good balance between health care certification programs and degree programs.


Emergency Medical Technician


Salary: $35,400 annually

Medical Records Technician


Salary: $40,350


Conservation Scientist and Forester

Solving environmental problems conserving the natural world for future generations

Assess damage to trees and forest areas caused by fires and logging activities, put out fires, and plant seedlings

Degree: Bachelor’s

Salary: $60,220 annually/$28.95 per hour


The study of how living creatures and their derivatives are used to make products and processes. Biotechnologists utilize molecular biology tools to try to understand and modify the fundamental building components of living things.

Apply scientific principles to develop and enhance products, tools, and technological advances in fields such as agriculture, food science, and medicine.

Degree: Bachelor

Salary: $41,650 annually/$20.02 per hour

Forensic Scientist

In both criminal and civil law, forensic science employs science. To discover how crime scenes unfold, criminal detectives use forensic science.

Degree: Bachelor’s

Salary: $56,320 annually/$27.08 per hour

Park Rangers

Work for federal or state governments with the responsibility of protecting woodlands, forests, and conservatoires

Degree: Bachelor

Salary: $35,229

Zoologist and Wildlife Biologist

Investigate the interactions between animals and their habitats. They research animal physical traits, animal behavior, and human impacts on wildlife and natural ecosystems. Collect and analyze data about wildlife behavior, biology, ecology, physiology, and genetics

Degree: Bachelor

Salary: $59,680 annually

Science Writer

Combine scientific knowledge with excellent writing skills. Writing and editing scientific news, articles, and features for business, trade, and professional periodicals, specialized scientific and technical journals, and the general media, including television, radio, and blogs, is part of my job description.

Degree: Bachelor

Salary: $69,130 annually

Quality Control

Focuses on statically quality control by teaching quality management and organizational quality control standards

Degree: Bachelor

Salary: $36,000

Exercise Science

Develop fitness and exercise programs that help patients recover from chronic diseases and improve cardiovascular function and flexibility.

Degree: Bachelor

Salary: $47,010 annually/$22.60 per hour

Health Educators

Teach people healthy habits and engage with communities to identify health needs, develop programs to promote health and wellness, disseminate health risk prevention information, connect people to important health services, and advocate for individuals and communities in need of health care

Degree: Bachelor

Salary: $43,840 annually/$21.08 per hour

Natural Science Managers

Supervise the work of scientists, chemists, physicists, and biologists.

Degree: Bachelor

Salary: $120,160 annually

Dietitians and Nutritionists

Dietitians and nutritionists specialize in the use of food and nutrition to improve health and treat disease. They organize and run food service or nutritional initiatives to assist individuals in living healthy lifestyles.

Degree: Bachelor

Salary: $57,910 annually


Political scientist

-Political scientists look at the origins, evolution, and operation of political systems. Work with lawmakers to create new legislation on topics such as biomedical research and environmental position

-degree: Masters

-Salary: $99,730 annually/$47.95 per hour

Forensic Odontology

-In the criminal justice system, forensic odontology is the science and art of applying criminals' dental knowledge to civil laws enforced by police agencies. Expert testimony in court is used to apply this science, which can include identification, bite mark analysis, and abuse detection.

-Degree: Masters

-Salary: $152,000

Anthropologists and Archeologists

-Anthropologists and archaeologists examine people's cultures, languages, archaeological remnants, and physical features throughout history.

Degree: Masters

-Salary: $61,220 annually


Computer and informational scientist

Invent and design new approachable computing technology and find innovative uses for existing technology. They study and solve complex problems in computing for business, medicine, science, and other fields.

Degree: Doctoral

Salary: $110,620 annually/$53.18 per hour

Biological Science Professor

Teach introductory and advanced biology courses plus mentor students with research programs

Evaluate and grade students' work in class, in the lab, on assignments, and in papers. Prepare and deliver lectures on topics such as molecular biology, marine biology, and botany to undergraduate or graduate students. Plan, review, and revise curriculum, course content, materials, and teaching methods. There are diverse job opportunities to become a biology teacher

Degree: Masters or Ph.D

Salary: $60,220 annually/$28.95 per hour


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