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Certified Nurse Aide Reinstatement

A certified nurse aide career leads to many opportunities.

Certified Nurse Aide Reinstatement in New Jersey

Skills Exam

This will depend on the Department of Health reinstatement guidelines.

Employment Available

Employment opportunities are available after completion of the course with our growing partnership program.


This course will be in-person.

Issuing Authority

NJ Department of Health

Featured Employer Partner

Complete Care

Course Description and Details

Have you let your Certified Nurse Aide license to lapse? You may be considering to renew it because Nurse Aide is an excellent field to expand your opportunities.


The good news is that you have an opportunity to reinstate your license. With a written waiver from the Department of Health, you can renew an expired Certified Nurse Aide license by taking a skills evaluation and a written examination. 

The procedure is determined by the length of time your license has been expired. If your license has been lapsed for less than five years, chances are you might have to take the nursing assistant course over again.


The skill evaluations can typically take a few hours to complete.




To reinstating your certified nursing assistant reinstatement, you must meet the following:

  • Successfully complete a skills evaluation with an approved Certified Nurse Aide training facility.

  • Complete and pass the written examination.

  • Be at least 18 years of age.

  • Possess a valid an expired Certified Nurse Aide License and a written waiver from the Department of Health.

  • Employed by a home health care service.

  • Must be supervised by a professional registered nurse. 

  • Keep in mind Certified Nurse Aide certifications expire every two years and therefore must be renewed. 


Course Duration:


K&G Career Academy, New Jersey State is an approved Certified Nurse Aide training facility. A CNA reinstatement training program includes a skills evaluation and a written examination.


Employment Statistics: 


According to the state of New Jersey Bureau of Labor Statistics the average salary for a Certified Home Health Aide range from $31,000-$50,000.

Complete Guide: 

If you are searching for a complete guide on certified nurse aides, please check out our course guide section.

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