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4 Reasons You Might Be Afraid of Success

Success can appear wonderful, particularly if you keep it in the far off future. But when you find yourself suddenly confronted with the reality of success, you realize how frightening it really is—and how cozy and familiar mediocrity can be. Fear, however, is insufficient to prevent you from giving up on their goals.

Success can be tiring, but it's worth trying for. It's because success comes in different forms. What you see as success might not be the same for someone else.

Let's begin!

Success Might Change You

You might be afraid of change. Success has a tendency of changing people for either the better or for the worst. Change is a scary thing too. The fear of the unknown can undoubtedly weigh on some people's shoulders. The same can be true about achieving success. Have you ever worked with someone whose promotion left you with the impression that they had changed? Success undoubtedly alters individuals, but not always for the worse. It's a little... pathetic to accuse someone of being "on management's side" when they get a promotion.

In addition, success requires hard work. Naturally, they are more in line with management's greater objectives. That is the goal of climbing the ladder. Of course they won't be able to cover for you or take extra breaks as they used to.

You Think You Don't Deserve It

The second reason you might fear success is because you think you don't deserve it. I've come across people personally who don't think they deserve better in life. When we're on the outside looking in, success might fool us. Success can appear to be a privilege of a small group of people with some sort of mysterious advantage. These successful messiahs appear to know the formula for making ideas or hard labor effective.

You have to remember that it's not the truth. While everyone might not achieve success, it's possible that anyone can achieve success if they have the right attitude. But that's not the real story. The journey doesn't end with success. Any successful person will tell you that before they achieved success, there were many failed attempts, many blunders, and a lifetime of self-doubt.

Success Shows You What Could Be

Regret and doubt are two feelings that people dislike for many different reasons. When you see success, it's possible you could be feeling regret. When success reveals a different reality of what might have been in our own lives, that is one of the most upsetting aspects of success. If we had made an effort, initiated a project, or taken a chance.

Comparisons like these are only helpful if they motivate us to take action; it is pointless to constantly compare your success to that of others. No two people will ever have the same experience of life, regardless of how similar their circumstances may be.

You Have Your Ego Threatened

When you want to make a change, ego and pride need to be placed to the side. Success comes with understanding how to humble yourself. You might not know everything and that's okay. We all have preconceived notions about who we are, and the majority of us believe that we are deserving of success whether or not we think we are excellent. The ego is only to blame for that.

It might be difficult on the ego when we witness other people's achievement. The ego starts an internal dialogue with ourselves asking "why aren't we as successful?" It starts to undermine our self-assurance.

Because of this, it's crucial to pay attention to how others' successes and life events affect you and to start thinking more clearly as soon as possible. or else negativity and harmful comparisons will devour you.

Final Thoughts

It's interesting how the world works sometimes. We fear what could be good for us although success has its risks. However, when we peal back the surfaces of why people are afraid of success, it comes down to change. Change can be scary and bothersome for some people. It requires breaking free from your comfort zone. Not to mention, it's not always a guarantee that you'll be successful in one particular area. Why are people afraid of success?

It is typically a dread of potential change or the negative effects of accomplishment. It is a prediction of how one's own and other people will react to success. There is a worry that obtaining success will mean sacrificing something else important in one's life. It shares many similarities with the dread of failure.

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