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One of the most challenging and gratifying tasks is providing life support in an emergency circumstance. For anyone interested in pursuing a career in emergency medical services, K&G Career Academy provides the best CPR/BLS/AED certification curriculum in New Jersey. The American Heart Association's CPR/BLS/AED training curriculum satisfies the criteria and requirements for Certified Nurse Assistants, Phlebotomy Technicians, EKG Technicians, CEOs, Administrators, Certified Medical Assistants, foster and daycare providers, and other professional caregivers. The Heartsaver Basic Life Support (BLS) program seeks to provide individuals with first-aid skills, allowing them to function as emergency workers in a variety of contexts such as workplaces, schools, public areas, and hospitals. Our CPR/BLS/AED curriculum is broken down into three stages with the goal of developing emergency medical professionals who can operate in a variety of settings. Basic First Aid — This workshop focuses on providing non-medical, or lay rescuers with essential skills such as adult, child, and baby rescuer CPR and choking, which may be utilized in a variety of situations including recreational, business, educational, informal, and familial. Provider of Medical Services Basic Life Support — This program is for caregivers, physicians, paramedics, EMTs, and nurses who work in the medical or healthcare field. Basic first aid skills are covered, as well as two-person CPR.

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