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5 Bad Habits That Will Make You Less Productive

Don't you wish we had more hours in the day? Unfortunately, it's not possible.

This is why it's important to be productive during the hours you have available to you. Everyone has the same amount of time in the day to be productive. However, you're probably not sure what kind of habits cause you to be less productive.

Let's not delay and start with 5 habits that will make you less productive, to become highly productive, as today we're going to jump start your highly productive path and enhance your productivity.

Let's begin!

Prioritize Your To-Do List

A to-do list is a game changer. When you create a to-do list, think about adding tasks that are important. To-do lists are necessary, but they shouldn't just be big lists with everything listed in one hurried scribble, from buying your niece a gift to providing updated reports to the your manager.

Sort your list into personal, work, administrative, or any other categories that make sense to you. Once you have written everything down, you may either order the list from highest to lowest importance or number the items.

It may be necessary to start with a rudimentary list and then rewrite it with a little more organization, but it will be worthwhile.

Set Time for Each Task

Do you remember when you had to hand in homework or a research paper on a set deadline? Deadlines work. Deadlines are effective, that much is true. Keep in mind that not every task needs to have a future deadline if you want to be more productive.

Set a deadline or a time limit for yourself. For a career change, for instance, allot yourself a half-day to research new certifications, job opportunities, and growing industries.

Take Breaks

You can hurt your productivity if you don't take breaks. It's counter productive. This is because you could make mistakes if your body and mind are tired. You could believe that the best way to be really productive is to simply board the work train and stay on it for as long as possible. However, working long hours doesn't always translate into producing more.

The Best Time is Now

It really is. The best time to start on a new project or a task is now. Procrastination is a killer of motivation and productivity. You'll never start if you wait for the perfect conditions to come together in order for you to start. There is no "appropriate time" to start a family, as some people have said, and the same is true whether starting a project, moving, or quitting a habit.

Productive people are able to overcome obstacles and prosper despite the cards that are handed to them.

Don't Be Busy All The Time

Many of us, including myself, like to boast about how busy we are. It's almost like we have to be busy to be cool. It's convenient to feel busy because it makes us believe we are accomplishing things and earning money.

The reality is that productivity isn't always a given when you're busy. Additionally, being overly "busy" and stressed out will cost you money because you'll be taking fast Ubers rather than the subway and ordering food instead of cooking because you'll be too exhausted to prepare it yourself.

Spend a week not scheduling anything, and the following week add things back into your schedule that will boost your productivity, happiness, and downtime. In between obligations and activities, give yourself time to travel, change into a new outfit, and relax.

Final Thoughts

It comes down to bad habits. Many of us have developed bad habits that don't add value to your daily lives. Nevertheless, if you work at them, it's possible to improve your productivity. We might attribute a lot of our unhealthy habits to our hectic lifestyles.

They aid in calming us down, such as the daily glass or three of wine, the cigarette, skipping the gym, and bingeing on junk food and television shows.

It will be much simpler to break the habit if you can reduce your tension first.

Then, you must be aware of your cues. Pack your bag, change at the office, and go directly there if you know that going home after work to go to the gym increases the likelihood that you will skip it.

A poor habit can be changed for a good one. Call a friend instead of scrolling around social media all night because you're lonely, for instance.

Reminding yourself of why you want to stop is one of the most effective strategies to break a bad habit, claims Time Magazine. Starting with good health, a happy life, and productive living is a terrific idea.


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