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10 Reasons to Switch to Medical Billing and Coding as a Career

Medical Coding and Billing is an amazing career in the healthcare industry. Currently the job demand for medical coders and billers is high. Many medical coders and billers work in hospitals, private practices and billing companies. These employers are in constant need of medical coders and billers because of the continuous need for healthcare based on the state of global epidemiology.

Earning a medical coding and billing certification is a quick way to enter the healthcare world with a low barrier to entry. This is an administrative role that allows you to make a difference in the lives of your patients. There are so many perks to becoming involved in medical coding and billing, here are 10 reasons why you should make the switch!

Enjoy a rewarding career, you can save lives!

Doctors and nurses are not the only healthcare heroes in the world, medical coders and billers can save lives too. You do not have to work at a patient's bedside to contribute to a patient's health and happiness. Medical Coders and Billers are responsible for ensuring the healthcare providers receive appropriate compensation for the cae they provide while helping patients get the maximum benefit from their insurance. Without medical coders and billers, healthcare could not function. Improper billing or coding can affect a patient's ability to get future healthcare services and treatments.

Jobs are in demand

Jobs in the Medical Coding and Billing field are consistently increasing and are predicted to expand and grow at 8% annually through the year of 2029. According to the BLA, this is more than double the national average job growth rate. It is estimated that 29,000 new medical coding and billing jobs will be created during the next seven years.

Earn a great salary

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the median salary of a medical coding and billing specialist is $44,090. However there are several opportunities to earn more than the average salary as a medical coder or biller. A medical coding specialist can earn several certifications to advance one's coding knowledge and experience. These certifications also allow for career advancement opportunities.

You can work in a variety of settings

A lot of medical coding and billing specialists have the luxury of working from home. Remote work allows medical coders flexibility and allows them to save time and money on the cost of commuting. There are also several different types of medical facilities a medical coder could work for. You can choose a facility with millions of patients or you can choose facilities with only 50. Also the types of codes you will be translating and interacting with may change based on the facility or department within a facility. Medical coders can be found working from home, hospitals, offices, insurance companies, and so many more different locations.

Dress comfortably

Medical Coding and Billing Specialists are employees who usually work in the back end of a facility or even from home. Uncomfortable professional attire usually is not necessary. Some medical coders wear scrubs because they work in a hospital or doctors office facility, and others dress business casual in the back of the office. It is never frowned upon being dressed professionally but it's also comforting knowing that wearing sneakers to work is okay.

You can get working, fast!

Medical billing and coding is not a career that requires you to spend years in school. A professional Medical Billing and Coding program can be completed in just 12 months or less. You can even find accelerated courses that can kick start your career in just three weeks like K & G Career Academy’s Online Medical Coding and Billing program. You will be prepared to earn additional highly recognized certifications to validate your skills further and increase your salary.

Predictable work hours

Unlike many other careers in the medical field, medical coding and billing specialists will have a predictable work schedule. Weekends, holidays, and being on call are likely required shifts for healthcare professionals who perform hands-on care for patients. Being a back of the office has perks, and one of them being a predictable work schedule.

Constant job stability

Medical coders are needed in every medical facility. The United States has an aging population, meaning people are living longer and longer. Longer lives means more doctors visits which means more claims will need to be submitted to insurance companies for reimbursement which means medical coders and billers are always going to be in demand.

Potential to advance

When entering the Medical Billing and Coding field you are likely entering at an entry-level position with the minimum amount of education required for the field. Everyone in this job field has the same basic certification or diploma, but not everyone takes their education further. This is a field that has several opportunities for career advancements. Not only are there more certification opportunities, there is general advancement that comes with experience. You could eventually take on supervisory roles, or become medical or health services manager. You may also work as a medical coder and biller, utilizing your understanding of medical terminology and the healthcare system to assist you if you choose to return to school to pursue a degree in data management, nursing, and beyond.

You never stop learning

For medical coding and billing professionals, learning is a constant process. Credentials allow professionals to hone their expertise or learn about new specializations. Medical billing and coding professionals are tested on specialized coding and reimbursement responsibilities in specialty certification tests. Employers want applicants with a wide variety of knowledge and understand niche medical terminology and procedures.

Final Thoughts

There are countless reasons as to why you should switch to a career in Medical Coding and Billing. K & G Career Academy offers a 3-week program where you can get started on your new career path in no time! Check out the latest details of our program here.


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